Get ready to master the only ‘all-in-one’ healing formula you were searching for all this while

You are about to experience a massive change in your inner work & manifestation journey while impacting many more lives and attracting abundance with divine cause by mastering the ultimate ancient healing prayer - Ho’oponopono.

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Are you tired of practicing affirmations, journaling, visualizations, and other law of attraction techniques but nothing seems to be working for you?

Do you wish you had some magical power that could help you heal, manifest, and achieve your desires all at once?

Do you wish you had known some technique that could help you improve your life and instantly fill you up with contagious energy?

Are you tired of circling around the same loop in life, still not getting where you want to be?

Do you wish you had known some effortless yet powerful technique that could be applied to solve any situation? 

Do you have this burning desire to make a real impact in people’s lives but no idea how to get started?

Do you wish you had an expert skill that would help you start a new career from scratch or rethink/reshape the current one?


I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

These four simple yet immensely powerful sentences can make it all come true for you!

Introducing the...

Where I’ll handhold you through every step of understanding and mastering the art of practicing Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness, and learning basic to advanced techniques to heal yourself, reconnect with your soul, and manifest your deepest desires.

Thousands of my community members are already experiencing major breakthroughs using this prayer in different areas of their lives,

So I went one step ahead to help as many of you as possible master the advanced Ho’oponopono combined with Inner Child Healing to recreate your reality from the ground up and in turn heal more lives and earn in the noblest way possible.
All this in just 60 days!

They have experienced the magic of Ho'oponopono

This program is your one-stop solution to get rid of your past traumas, bad memories, negative beliefs, fears, and doubts, and manifest the life you always wanted to live.

Health, wealth, relationship, career, money, business, or any other area - you name it, and you can clean, heal and manifest it using Ho’oponopono & Inner Child Healing. 

I will teach you the basic to advance techniques of HO'OPONOPONO and enable you to discover who you really are, unlock your full potential, reconnect with your true self and become a certified Ho’oponopono Master and start your own coaching career by healing others.

What you will cover in the Ho'oponopono Healing Gold Membership?

Discover the power of healing using Ho'oponopono in your life

Master basic as well as Quantum level of Ho'oponopono

Master Quantum Ho'oponopono healing for Money & Career

Master communication style Ho’oponopono to heal anxiety/depression

Our three Minds, memories, emotions, and its effect on our life

Master Quantum Ho'oponopono healing for Health and your Relationships

Master communication style Ho’oponopono to overcome past trauma/memories

Master communication style Ho’oponopono for other people

You will also learn how to start your Hooponopono healing career and attract abundance by helping people

Complete clarity of setting up your online Business model for Ho'oponopono

Step by Step Guidance

Readymade scripts

Launch your own powerful healing sessions for groups within 9 weeks

How to be an effective speaker so that people want to hear you

Practical tools -how to apply Ho'oponopono

Marketing and sales script

How to attract paid and organic clients that need your help

Some more Ho'oponopono Success Stories

How it will work

LIVE intensive training sessions by Shilpa.

Sessions will be conducted every week 6:00am to 8:00am For 9 Weeks 

Your Investment

"Ho'oponopono Quantum Healing certification Gold Membership"

Value is INR 1,50,900/-

But wait…we have some exciting bonuses for you!

Access to Private Ho’oponopono healers Mastermind group for Lifetime.

Value INR 5,000/-


Advanced Ho'oponopono Techniques

- Ho'oponopono Tibetan style

- Ho'oponopono Inner Child Healing

- Ho'oponopono Ideal partner manifestation

- Hooponopono blue solar water magic

- Generational Cleansing

Value - INR 18,500/-

Final Offer

Tuition fees
Rs 34,999/-

Exclusive offer price
INR 29,999/-
(Offer valid only for a short while)
including all bonuses + Bumper Bonus


Rise N Shine Manifestation Club & Millionaire Mindset Mastery Bootcamp Silver Membership

Value - INR 49,999/-

Listen, If There’s Someone Who Can Create Your Dream Life, 


And If There’s Something You Can Change to Achieve Your Dream, 




30-Day Rise n Shine 2.0 Manifestation Achievers' Club

21 Day Millionaire Mindset Mastery Bootcamp

How Will These Bumper Bonus Programs Transform You in 30 Days?


Help you start your day in the most empowering way 

Help you form an early morning routine for lifetime

Empower you with 40+ power-packed mind programming techniques and exercises like Affirmations, Meditations, Manifestations, Visualizations 

Support you with consistency, motivation, guidance dedicated to your growth and success 

Increased Productivity, Focus, Calm and Clarity

More Pros

Healing negative thought patterns

Removing past blockages not letting you move ahead in life

Deep clarity on your major desires to manifest 

Increased money container

Abundance mindset

Building permanent positive habits

New direction/new perspective in your lives

Reprogramming your subconscious mind   

Still have some doubts? We’ve got you covered!

What will be the mode of this training?

The sessions will be taken LIVE on Zoom twice every month on Saturday & Sunday from 6:30 AM onwards (time may change).

Who will take the LIVE sessions?

The sessions will be hosted by Shilpa.

What if I miss any of the sessions?

You will be provided with the recording of each session so you may watch it later as well.

How to improve life in any situation?

The thing is, situations don’t define your life, you do. And if you let situations run your energy, you’ll hardly feel happy. This program will help you in reprogramming your mindset in such a way that you’ll know how to stay calm in negative situations and make conscious decisions to improve them. 

Will I be able to support my family?

The beauty of the life coaching career is that you not only revive yourself but also develop a sense of service towards making other’s life beautiful. And through that, you earn a wealth of purpose that supports your family as well. There’s no limit to how much you can grow as a life coach because there are billions of people out there who need help in different areas of their lives. 

Will this be an online or in-person program?

This will be purely online-based.

Being a mother of two kids will it be possible for me to learn and transform lives?

When I started my journey, I was a mother of two. And I’ve come pretty far from where I began. The best part? Now I can spend as much time as I want with my kids, which I was missing out on for good 13-14yrs of life.

Will I be able to help people who are depressed?

You need to help yourself along with helping others. And this 90-day journey will guide you through exactly that. You’ll embark on an intensive self-healing journey, leading you to your highest self who will have the power to heal others through Ho’oponopono magic.

Will this course help me in establishing my business/career?

Definitely! As it’s a deep inner healing course, you will be able to align your mindset, heal your darkest traumas and run your business with a fresh and powerful perspective. You’ll be able to handle hard situations in a calm and positive way, and most importantly, you’ll learn leadership skills by working on your own self. 

Will this program help me in healing my loved ones?

The beauty of Ho’oponopono healing is that when you start your journey by healing yourself, and in the process, you expand your healing vibes to people around you and heal them as well with Ho’oponopono’s divine power. Moreover, I’ll guide you from the basics to advanced knowledge of Ho’oponopono and help you master its practice to heal yourself and the world.

About your ‘dream life’ mentor, Shilpa Singh

About your ‘dream life’ mentor, Shilpa Singh

Shilpa Singh is a Life Transformation Coach who uses positive psychology to help people design their best life.

She is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of discipline, happiness, clarity, and success.

She is the author of Amazon's bestseller “Medi-Sin Children”.

Shilpa has been featured in the Hindustan Times, Business World, and Business Standard for her contribution to impacting people’s lives.

Founder of the Rise n Shine Morning Manifestation Achiever’s Club, Shilpa has till now helped over 10000+ men & women to discover their best performing selves & built a community of over 75k+ people.

An MBA in marketing, Shilpa had served in a multinational, multi-million dollar company for 14 years and climbed up the career ladder to become a Senior Manager, and can relate to the problems of working professionals extremely well. 

Shilpa is now on a mission to help a million more people to have a relaxing & flourishing life in 2023 and beyond.