Million Dollar Morning
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Experience True Abundance in Health, Wealth & Relationships by Waking Up Early

Learn How to Unlock 100% Confidence, Energy & Productivity in You in Just 60-Minutes/Day

Experience True Abundance in Health, Wealth & Relationships by Waking Up Early

Learn How to Unlock 100% Confidence, Energy & Productivity in You in Just 60-Minutes/Day

Million Dollar Morning @ 5AM

60-Minute 5-Day Online Program by Shilpa Singh

"I’ve never felt so confident & powerful in my whole life. And I never knew waking up at 5 AM has such incredible benefits. I don’t know if this whole Routine is magic, but I have been promoted to the role of VP in less than 3 weeks since I started practising it."

- Aneeta Shetty, VP (MNC)


The secret to kickstart your Million Dollar Mornings at 5 AM, without wanting to go back to your bed.

How to break free from your negative sacrificial thoughts that are putting a hard stop on your dreams?

The Million Dollar Morning Routine highly successful people follow to create the career & life they love 

How to dedicate 1-hour a day for yourself to discover your powerful inner potential with the Million-Dollar Morning Hour?

How to eliminate procrastination, lethargy and fear & equip yourself with confidence, clarity and productivity?

How to go from a complaining & comparing mood to a winning, happy mindset?

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A Little Bit About Your ‘Million $ mornings’ Mentor, Shilpa Singh

Shilpa Singh is a Life Transformation Coach who uses positive psychology to help people design their best life.

She is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of discipline, happiness, clarity and success.

She is the author of Amazon bestseller “Medi-Sin Children”

Shilpa has been featured in the Hindustan Times, Business World, and Business Standard for her contribution in impacting people’s lives.

Founder of the Rise n Shine Morning Manifestation Achiever’s Club, Shilpa has till now helped over 2000+ men & women to discover their best performing self.

An MBA in marketing, Shilpa had served in a multinational, multi-million dollar company for 14 years and climbed up the career ladder to become a Senior Manager, and can relate to the problems of working professionals extremely well. 

Shilpa is now on a mission to help a million more people to have a relaxing & flourishing life in 2021 and beyond.

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Still Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

Who is this Bootcamp for?

This program is for everyone who wants to experience abundance in their health, wealth, career and personal relationships. 

What time will the workshop start?

You will have to wake up at 5 AM. The Workshop starts at 5.30 AM (Monday to Friday).

This all sounds exciting ,but I sleep late and have never woken up so early, how can I follow this bootcamp?

Don’t worry I will prepare you with proven techniques that I and my 100s of students have used and proved it to be successful. We will have a prep call day before i.e Sunday 11 AM for the same.

Still, if I am not able to wake up early, will I get the recordings of the session

Of course, if you have genuine reasons to not attend it.

How do I join your bootcamp?

You will be added to an event exclusive whatsapp group in 24-48 hours and there you will get a zoom link to join the sessions.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring your best self & your companions for life a pen, a notebook and a  water bottle

How this morning routine has helped you?

Honestly, this morning routine, as simple as it is, really helps me get my day started right. When I don’t take time for myself in the morning, I feel incredibly rushed. After quitting my 9 to 6 job and stepping into the world of entrepreneurship I struggled to manage my time for my passion project, for myself and my family.

It's different when you are in a job & you are accountable to your boss but when you are your own boss, you sometimes lack motivation to complete your tasks. As a result I was lagging behind and felt really sorry for myself. I started losing focus on my work, I could hardly complete 1 task a day as my kids would keep barging in my work with their fights, unreasonable demands, school,studies etc.

As a result, my work from where I derive my satisfaction and power, started getting affected and had a spillover effect on me getting frustrated with myself,my family members and my unorganized life, taking away my peace of mind.

It dawned upon me that I need to tighten my seat belts before it's too late and one day 2 years back  I decided I will wake up at 5 am. I had heard before that it is the most divine hour of the day where the world ‘s energy is at its purest form so when you put your thoughts and ideas and work in this hour it helps you to manifest your dreams /goals /desires faster .

I attribute my progress in all areas of my life to my 5 am Million Dollar Morning Routine where I could finish writing my book , got it published, started my coaching  venture, completed numerous self development courses, reading countless books, more than anything else I now take pride in honoring my role as an amazing mother to 2 lovely kids, a loving  wife to a loving husband, and a kickass professional.

There are tons of intangible benefits as well like quality of sleep improves,energy levels are high throughout the day, great health benefits, peace of mind, clarity and much much more ..

I love setting myself up for success with all these morning rituals and practices ,but I‘ve found that the most important predictor of my success in my day is what I do after waking up at 5am.

And therefore after learning from numerous successful people and my own years of research & experience I have designed this Million Dollar Morning Hour that you need to incorporate  after you wake up ,to set the tone for a happy, productive day and a successful life.

All you people out there looking for productivity enhancement practices, look no further, click the hit button and get started now.

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