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Learn How To Activate Your ‘Money-Manifesting Power’ In
5 Days Or Get Your Money Back

Heal Your Money Problems & Attract Abundance Forever Using a Quick & Effective Money Mindset Routine

Mode: Self Paced Program for 5-days

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Learn How To Activate Your ‘Money-Manifesting Power’ In 5 Days Or Get Your Money Back

Heal Your Money Problems & Attract Abundance Forever Using a Quick & Effective Money Mindset Routine

Starts on :  21st August 2022,

Venue: WhatsApp & Zoom

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“I’d always thought of money as something beyond my control, so unpredictable and I never had enough. I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’m experiencing incredible change in myself and in my bank account too. Thnx a ton, Shilpa” 

Soumya Bhatnagar
Medical Professional, Ahmedabad

Join The 5-day Masterclass To Discover

The #1 reason why money-problems never leave you

How to break-free from your limiting thoughts & beliefs about accessing and possessing money?

The secret ‘money-energy points’ in your brain that can help you attract money & abundance

How to release the hidden money energy & start experiencing richness in life?

How to rewire your mindset around money from ‘lack’ to ‘plenty’?

How to forever break-free from a mediocre life of living paycheck to paycheck?

The money mindset secrets which allowed me to  replace my corporate 7-figure yearly income with a 7-figure  monthly income in just 1and a half years


That’s Why You Need to Follow A Proven Routine That Can Help You Master Your Money Mind, Whatever Be Your Financial Situation

Here’s What Exactly You Will Learn In 5 Days With Me

Finding you original money story (Guided visualization to finding your original money story)

Understanding Money Energy and Law of attraction (A complete relationship make-over with money, prosperity and wealth )

5 Ways to attract money spiritually in your life

Quick Money Mindset Exercise -Increasing your vibration of abundance

Money Meditation - to accelerate your progress and Introduction to 21 days Action oriented Money Mastery Plan

Here's How 500+ People Have Learned to Manifest Money Using this Amazing Method

Meet Your Money-Mindset Coach, Shilpa Singh

Shilpa Singh is a Life Transformation & Money-Mindset Coach who uses positive psychology to help people design & achieve their best life.

She is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of discipline, happiness, clarity and success & prosperity.

She is the author of Amazon bestseller “Medi-Sin Children”

Shilpa has been featured in the Hindustan Times, Business World, and Business Standard for her contribution in impacting people’s lives.

Founder of the Rise n Shine Morning Manifestation Achiever’s Club, Shilpa has till now helped over 2000+ men & women to discover their best performing self.

An MBA in marketing, Shilpa had served in a multinational, multi-million dollar company for 14 years and climbed up the career ladder to become a Senior Manager, and can relate to the problems of working professionals extremely well. 

Shilpa is now on a mission to help a million more people to have a relaxing & flourishing life in 2021 and beyond.

The Time & Money You’re Going To Spend With Me Is Protected By My Iron-clad Money Back Policy

We value your time & money, like our own. If you don’t understand or you’re not able to learn the techniques I teach in 5 days, even after attending all the five day sessions without fail, I don’t need your money. You can ask for a refund after explaining to me what exactly you’re not able to learn in 7 days of enrolling for the program.

QUICK DISCLAIMER: This isn’t a get rich quick program. The results you get after applying the techniques you learn here, depend on your level of commitment & positivity, and hence it is not included in the money back policy.

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