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GROUP COACHING With Shilpa Singh, Million Dollar Mornings Coach

Calling All Motivated Success Seekers!

If you are sick and tired of going by the flow and living a life of survival, be assured, you’re on the verge of a big change.

It’s a signal that the universe is telling you to STOP succumbing to your inner blocks and dream-stopping thoughts & intentions...

And instead, start discovering your inner potential to attract & create what you intensely desire for...

To Rise from the ashes of your own hopes and expectations and Shine like a true winner!

Creating the ‘habit of manifesting’ is the key to building your dream life, and making repeatable and unbeatable success.

Million Dollar Morning Routine is such a habit which helps you manifest your life’s desires, without struggling or working harder but by unlocking 10X confidence, energy and productivity in you.

All you need to do now is to take that habit to the next level and start experiencing massive changes in your life.

For that, your brain needs to register your new MDM habit, 

And it takes normally 30 days for your brain to accept a new habit and create new neural cells to execute that habit.

The 30-Day Rise n Shine 2.0 Manifestation Achievers’ Club is where exactly you’ll learn how to stick to your new morning habit and tune your mind to the manifesting frequency of the universe.

Because, we will be working together through your pile of regrets, challenges, and stumbling blocks on a deeper level in these 30 days…

And help you finally ingrain this ‘powerful manifesting habit’ to supercharge your dream journey…

Are you ready to make MDM your habit for a lifetime?

Are you ready to make success & abundance your new normal?

Then, com’n, let’s activate your peak manifesting power & build your dream life faster with joy, love & ease!

This 30-Day Manifestation Program is for You If You:

Want to be more sure about your future & want to make the change now

Deserve an honest attempt to work on your dreams

Want to feel happiness from inside

Ready to do everything in your power to make your dreams come true

Want to become a role model for your kids, parents, spouse and yourself

Want to become the person you’re proud of

Want to attract right things and people in life

Create a reason for others to believe in you

3000+ People Like You Have Manifested Their Dream Life
So You Can Too!

Here’s what our happy Rise n Shine Club members have to say

Want to Rise n Shine like Them?

Then Here’s Exactly What to Expect inside:

Rise n Shine Morning Manifestation Achievers Club 2.0

In this 30-Day Group Coaching, I will help you get out of your comfort zone, reach beyond your limitations and extend your personal achievement threshold, without any more physical or mental stress and struggles. It’s a combination of Live and Pre-Recorded Videos of inspiring group sessions, teachings, real-life case studies and powerful mind exercises which can be applied to overcome challenges in every area of your life - be it health, wealth, career, relationship and personal growth.

Topics Covered in the Live and Pre Recorded Videos:

Million Dollar Morning 30 Plan

A powerful 30-day Brahma Muhurta plan to help you assimilate the habit of waking up in the divine hours and get your subconscious mind ready to experience achievement right from the morning.

This plan will help you experience a positive shift in your mindset & activities and start attracting the right things, right events and right people in your life.

4-Week Rise n Shine Club

You will be part of a 3000 + member community, where you get guidance, tips, inspiration and 100 % accountability to activate your manifestation power and build your dream life anew, with love, joy and ease. 

You will be experiencing amazing vibration and connection with the Universe by taking part in the 5AM MDM party with the entire team.

40+ Powerful Law of Attraction & Mindfulness Exercises

In 30 days, you’ll be practicing 40 powerful exercises that will help you align your words, thoughts, actions and emotions with your soul and with the universal energy.

These exercises are designed to help you experience mindfulness and elevate you into a miracle zone of attracting the right thing.

10+ Hours of Subconscious Reprogramming

You will get 10 + exclusive sessions to work on your subconscious mind, magnetise its power to manifest your dream goals. 

We will be working on a deeper level to cleanse you of your limiting thoughts, actions and beliefs and supercharge your dream life.

30-Day Rise n Shine Inner Circle

You will get access to an exclusive achiever community, once you start implementing the 30-Day MDM plan. You will get all the tools and techniques to tap into the abundance frequency of the Universe inside this super special group.

It took me 8 + years of research, experiments and more than Rs.20 Lakhs of investment in learning Law of Attraction, Visualisation and Mindfulness from the world’s best coaches to prepare this breakthrough mind programming for you.

But you don’t have to spend the amount of time or money I spent to develop this amazing manifestation method.

This entire 30-Day Exclusive Group Coaching Bundle costs around Rs. 49,999/-

But, You’re Not Going to Pay Anyway Near That!

It’s not Rs.40 K

Not Rs. 20K

Not even Rs 10K

Your Price to Access This Life Changing Program

ONLY for Today is Just Rs. 9999 6499!

That means, you can access the program at a massive 93% OFF, if you take action today!!

Tomorrow the price will automatically become Rs.9,999.


Wait, If You Are a Member of my 5-Day Million Dollar Morning Masterclass,You Will Get 3 Additional Special Bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE

Magnetise Your Manifestation Vault

Live Story Time At 5 AM

Access To Quick Reference Guides

Plus, a ‘ONE-DAY ONLY’ Bumper Bonus if You ENROL TODAY

Become an Author in 7 Days


Just one word, Shilpa i.e. WOW...!!

Too Good to be true.

Shilpa Singh is a God's sent Angel. Even God might leave your hands but certainly not Shilpa. At times whenever I have asked a question I always got solutions. Unlike many people in this industry. Who ask you to pay more. I appreciate her consideration, guidance, help and time.

She has done more than any counsellor would have ever done. I really appreciate her for taking the time to help. It means the world. I just adore her for helping me. She explained abstract concepts with ease. I am happy to have come across her. Wished I could have found her earlier. Nevertheless hoping to make most of it. I really appreciate the psychological explanations she brings out as to the why's and what's with reference to how people think. My heart wants to chat more with her. She has such clarity of thoughts. Thanks for sharing meditation it was totally refreshing.

At first, it felt like from toes and up body was becoming numb. Then on my stomach, I felt as if I have kept something there. I mean heavy. Finally, cried and felt at ease and light. It was a wonderful experience. It is really helpful in letting go of emotions and stress. The mind was at ease. All the restlessness was gone.

I would highly recommend enrolling for Shilpa's workshops. She is a reliable mentor and a brilliant coach. She is transforming lives with her clarity and productive tools.

Swati Billa

I am CA and work in Finance department and hence always used my work as an excuse to sleep late. This workshop helped me to prioritise. As I just didn't want to miss any day, I would ensure that work is completed and I get to sleep on time. The other benefits of workshop are:

1. Right mindset in mornings by meditation
2. Learning mind tricks and feeding positivity
3. Learning Affirmations helps to think hard about your desires and focus
4. Acceptance is the biggest takeaway And to add to this, a guide who is so
approachable and encouraging with a group of people who believe in actions, I could not have asked for more. 

Thanks a ton Shilpa!!

Leena Rajesh

These are some changes i observed in myself after the Dare Diva and Rise and Shine.

In the last 10-12 days, I woke up at 5 am as compared to 10 am which was my routine since last one year. I did miss a few days but I will give myself a lot of credit as i am doing something i didn't do since many years!

My mom was thrilled when i told her I am joining a class for building positive habits and I am going to wake up early, she almost did a jig.

I feel more confident and feel I can achieve what I wish for. I have started exercising and eating fruits and nuts everyday. I respond to people more patiently than before. I focus better. I fold my blanket everyday after waking up. I'm eating my meals on the right time. I love myself more. I appreciate little things I achieve.

Whenever I start my day early I am a little more organized at work and I also feel i look prettier on those days

Thank You Shilpa Singh and Universe and God to bring me on this path to bring a positive change in my life!

Pankkti Shhah

Hi Shilpa. Today morning when I got up, i realized the impact that you have created in our lives. I observe that I have changed. Its remarkable. I realized how I was struggling to complete my tasks before i attended your session. Now I have an abundance...I am better planned and organized. You have changed the approch towards my life. 

You have inspired me and with all your help observing significant improvement. Thank you teacher...on the Teachers day. Thanks from the depth of my heart...

Its remainging myself...better me better world. Love you a lot

Ruchi Agarwal

I am so happy to be a part of Rise n Shine, whenever I have a slight doubt, or I am feeling low, surprisingly there will be some motivating and inspiring true experiences of shilpa shared in the group. now that's what I call the power of attraction and being with positive and like minded people. her course rise n shine is truly an uplifting experience.

Nanlini Poojari

Waking up early had made me realised the divine power in force to it's optimum. I used to wake up at 8 am and I always always wanted to wake up by 5 am and to live my life to the fullest which I have achieved by waking up early. When I wake up early, I feel that all my divine wishes are going to come true and I feel deeply connected with myself. I feel very confident and hopeful to welcome more miracle in my life while experiencing the one I am going through. I started to believe in myself and the universe deeply. I also understand very explicitly about the pattern of negative cycle and I am successfully able to break the pattern. I, now let go of all pain bodies rather much reacting to them. Thank you Shilpa Singh for bringing this life changing moments and the realisation in my life to make me live my life more thoughtful. Thank you universe for all the blessings.

Minal Agarwal



Help you start your day in the most empowering way

Help you form an early morning routine for lifetime

Empower you with 40+ power-packed mind programming techniques and exercises like Affirmations, Meditations, Manifestations, Visualizations

Support you with consistency, motivation, guidance dedicated to your growth and success

Increased Productivity, Focus, Calm and Clarity

More Pros

Healing negative thought patterns

Removing past blockages not letting you move ahead in life

Deep clarity on your major desires to manifest

Increased money container

Abundance mindset

Building permanent positive habits

New direction/new perspective in your lives

Reprogramming your subconscious mind

Got Questions? We’ve Tried to Answer a Few Here

When will the Rise and Shine Manifestation batch commence?

Your batch will commence from coming Wednesday.

What is included in the Rise and Shine program

It is a structured 4 weeks  manifestation program which has 20 pre recorded videos covering tools, techniques and powerful exercises to work on your inner self. 

Additionally there will be live sessions with Shilpa at 5 AM everyday for 15 mins (excluding weekends) along with an amazing Facebook community for you to post your queries, success stories, exercises etc.

Where will I find the pre-recorded videos?

Upon enrolling, you will receive the login credentials via email to access the recording under 24 hours of payment

How long will I have access to these pre-recorded videos?

You will have access to these videos for 1 year.

What time is the live story session?

It is at 5 AM every day (excluding weekends). This will be conducted via Zoom. Links to the Zoom meeting will be shared via telegram group

How many pre-recorded videos should I have to complete each day?

The pre-recorded videos are arranged day wise. So you could just follow that and complete one a day. But certain videos can go upto 1 hour as well as these are all exercise based videos. So in such cases, you can even split the videos.

Should I have to watch the pre-recorded videos over weekends as well?

It is totally up to you. You will have access to these videos for 1 year. So you can watch them over weekends too if you have the time. But do not do multiple videos on the same day. Focus on 1 video per day for it to be most effective.

What if I miss the 5 AM live story session with Shilpa?

The recordings of the 5 AM live story session will be shared in the telegram group. So you can refer it later in the day

How long will I have access to the 5 AM live story recordings?

You will have access to these recordings for the period of 4 weeks only after which these links will expire.

What happens after I complete the Rise and Shine program?

You can go for an extension of 5 AM live story sessions with Shilpa if you interested. The details of the same will be shared in the telegram group during the last week.

Where can I ask my questions/doubts?

You can post your questions/queries on facebook community and you will receive so many perspectives from the members.

What if I am not comfortable to ask questions in a common forum like FB?

You can drop a note to and we will get back to you shortly.

Because We Are Certain You Will Succeed

We are so certain that what you learn here is gonna get you results. Because it has worked for 3000+ of our students and there’s no doubt it will work for you as well, if you put in the effort required, which is very minimum. And if ever you feel you’re stuck, we have an accountable support system that will handhold you throughout the course duration till you make the desired progress.


Shilpa Singh

Shilpa Singh is a Life Transformation Coach who uses positive psychology to help people design their best life.

She is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of discipline, happiness, clarity and success.

She is the author of Amazon bestseller “Medi-Sin Children”

Shilpa has been featured in the Hindustan Times, Business World, and Business Standard for her contribution in impacting people’s lives.

Founder of the Rise n Shine Morning Manifestation Achiever’s Club, Shilpa has till now helped over 2000+ men & women to discover their best performing self.

An MBA in marketing, Shilpa had served in a multinational, multi-million dollar company for 14 years and climbed up the career ladder to become a Senior Manager, and can relate to the problems of working professionals extremely well. 

Shilpa is now on a mission to help a million more people to have a relaxing & flourishing life in 2021 and beyond.

Listen, If There’s Someone Who Can Create Your Dream Life,


And If There’s Something You Can Change to Achieve Your Dream, 





30-Day Rise n Shine 2.0 Manifestation Achiever's Club

Step by Step Practical and Result-Oriented Manifestation Program

GROUP COACHING With Shilpa Singh